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New Portrait added: 'Jeff Bagwell' for The Houston Chronicle celebrating his induction to The Hall of Fame.

And we're Back! Apologies for the extended hiatus while I sorted out web woes. I've still been illustrating during that time however, so lots of updates as I get back up and running. Thank you for your patience.

New Portrait added: 'Trump's Presidency-Huntington's America' for The Washington Post.

New Illustration added: 'Enemy Within' for New Scientist magazine.

New Illustration added: 'Laura Secord' for Avenue magazine.

New Portraits added: 'Change Makers' for Crain Communications Inc.

New Illustration added: 'Elderly Theft' for Investment News magazine.

New Portrait added: 'Roger Ailes' for The New York Times.

New Illustration added: 'From Here 2 Eternity' for The New York Post.

New Portrait added: 'The Murdochs' for The New York Times.

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