UPDATED 06.17.15

New Illustrations Added: ‘Brain Sick I ‘& ‘Brain Sick II” for New Scientist magazine.

New Illustration Added: ‘CMT’ for The Washington Post.

New Portrait Added: ‘Robert Iger’ for The LA Times.

New Illustration Added: ‘Gut Feeling’ for The Washington Post (detail)

New Portrait Added: ‘Mayweather vs Pacquiao’ for The LA Times.

New Illustrations Added: ‘Spotting Rainbows’ for Alberta Oil magazine, ‘The Last Pleasure’ for 18 Bridges magazine and Downward Spiral’ for The Washington Post.

My Portrait illustration of LeBron James won a silver medal for special section covers, and awards of excellence for sports design and sports illustration and in Best of Sports Design it topped the sports illustration rankings from SND:” target=”_blank”>

My portrait of Lecrae (Fear) has been selected for inclusion in the Communication Arts 2015 Awards Annual! Of 4,313 entries only 163 were chosen. I’m honoured to have been one of them.

I’m thrilled to have received the Bronze Award in the Entertainment/Visual Development category for my portrait of ‘Lecrea (fear)’ from The Society of Illustrators Los Angeles!

My Portrait of ‘Lecrae’ has been accepted into The Society of Illustrators 57 awards annual exhibition!

My Portrait of ‘Samuel De Champlain’ for Canada’s History magazine won Best Illustrated Cover for The Manitoba Magazine Awards.

My portrait of ‘Lecrae’ has be chosen for Creative Quarterly 37 and my ‘Blood’ illustration was a runner-up!

Very Flattering article on my work in Sports Illustration.