UPDATED 16.05.16

New Illustration added: ‘Dark Thoughts’ for Legion magazine.

New Portraits added: ‘Observer Portraits’ for The Observer magazine.

New Portraits added: Prince portraits ‘Purple Reign’ and Dearly Beloved’ for The Star Tribune and ‘Alex Trebek’ for Canadian Geographic.

New Illustration added: ‘Evil Dead’ for The Washington Post.

New Illustration added: ‘Intestinal Torment’ for The Washington Post.

New Portrait added: ‘Short Work’ for The LA Times.

My illustration ‘Spotting Rainbows’ was a chosen winner for the American Illustration 35 Annual Archive. Thanks AI-AP!

New Illustration added: ‘The Tell-Tale Brain’ for Legion magazine.

My illustration ‘Head Splitting’ for the Washington Post was a winner in the Creative Quarterly 43 Illustration awards!

My Illustration ‘Spotting Rainbows’ won Silver for Best Illustration at the Alberta Magazine Awards.

My portraits for The Star Tribune of Flip Saunders, Jerry Kill and Torii Hunter won an Award of Excellence in this years SND (Society for News Design) competition!

Very Flattering article on my work in Sports Illustration. SND.org