UPDATED 29.11.16

I’m thrilled to announce my illustrations ‘Dark Thoughts’ and ‘Purple Reign’ were chosen for inclusion in the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles 55 Illustration Annual! Thanks to all the Judges!

New Illustrations added: ‘Veteran Suicide’ for Medical Post magazine and ‘Psychedelics’ unpublished piece.

‘Mr. Robot’ and ‘Purple Reign’  were chosen for inclusion in the Creative Quarterly 46 Illustration Annual! Thanks to all the Judges!

New Illustration added: ‘Skull & Flowers’ personal piece.

New Illustration added: ‘Medicine’s Psychedelic Renaissance’ cover illustration for Medical Post magazine.

Article in The New York Times about ‘The Dugout 2016’ illustration and what happens when they can’t publish a piece. www.nytimes.com

New Portrait added: ‘The Dugout 2016’ for The New York Times.

I was honoured to contribute my portrait of Prince (Purple Reign) as part of the permanent Memorial Tribute installation at the Xcel Energy Center which will be displayed as a hanging mural. www.xcelenergycenter.com

Very flattering article on my work in Sports Illustration. SND.org