UPDATED 02.01.16

New Illustration added: ‘4H’ for The Washington Post.

New Portraits added: More portraits added to both ‘Health Data Managers’ and Financial Planners’ portraits.

New Portrait added: ‘Head Splitting’ for The Washington Post.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Looking forward to what will be hopefully another very productive and creative 2016!

New Portrait added: ‘Curtain Call’ for The Plain Dealer.

New portraits added: ‘Famous Historical Canadian Women’ for Canada’s History magazine.

New illustration added: ‘Benched’ for The Washington Post.

New Portraits added: ‘The Shot’ and ‘Maya Moore’ for The Star Tribune.

My Illustrations ‘Brain Sick’ and ‘Spotting Rainbows’ have been chosen for inclusion in Creative Quarterly 42!

New Portrait added: The Women of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

New Portrait added: ‘Bill Dwyer’ for The LA Times.

New Illustrations added: ‘Brain Swell’ for The Washington Post, ‘Breathing Holes’ for Eighteen Bridges magazine and ‘Healing Depression (I)’ & ‘Healing Depression (II)’ for UCSF magazine.

Proud to have my illustration ‘Spotting Rainbows’ chosen for inclusion to this year’s Society of Illustrators Los Angeles annual competition.

Very Flattering article on my work in Sports Illustration. SND.org